How to Keep Your Baby Comfortable

How to Keep Your Baby Comfortable

How to Keep Your Baby Comfortable

A baby can't tell you when they are uncomfortable, but your little one can keep you awake all night with crying. Keeping infants comfortable and quiet in summer is difficult in Montgomery, Alabama's hot, humid climate, but it's important for keeping babies healthy. Overheating is connected to sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS. You can keep your baby comfortable by giving baths often, using an air purifier, and staying indoors in hot weather.

Giving Baths Often

Frequent cool baths will keep your baby clean and prevent uncomfortable heat rashes and diaper rashes. You can also let your baby or toddler spend some time in a plastic kiddie pool with some bath toys. However, make sure you watch them closely to make sure they're safe.

Using an Air Purifier

Air purifiers, also called air cleaners, use air filters to remove pollutants like mold, dirt, dust, and pollen from the air. These problems are common in summer, and they can make asthma and allergy symptoms worse. They can also give babies coughs, runny noses, and irritated eyes. Many air purifiers can filter viruses and bacteria from your home's air as well, preventing colds and other common illnesses.

Staying Indoors in Hot Weather

Try to stay inside with your cool air conditioning instead of going out into the hot afternoon as much as possible. Also, look at a weather forecast before you leave. Don't go outside with your baby in very hot weather unless you're taking them to the doctor or to an event you can't miss. Stay in the shade and give your baby more milk than usual or a bottle of cooled boiled water to prevent dehydration. You should also use small amounts of baby sunscreen to protect their precious skin. AC Southeast® has 75 years of heating and air conditioning experience. We can help you find a professional to install, maintain, and repair a variety of equipment for improving your indoor air quality and keeping your baby comfortable.

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