Heat Pump Benefits

Heat Pump Benefits

Heat Pump Benefits

Reasons why a heat pump is a better choice in the Southern US

As a resident of the Southern US, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature and humidity level are top concerns. Although both a heat pump and an air conditioner are designed to handle high temperatures, heat pump benefits are actually the better choice for your Southern US home. We’ve taken a look at heat pumps vs central air units and have found 4 primary reasons why residential heat pumps are the ideal choice for your home.

Heat Pumps are More Energy Efficient

Did you know heat pumps use less energy and that produces fewer emissions from energy production? Heat pumps are the most cost-effective way to heat and cool your home in the Southern US and they reduce the environmental impact in the process.

Heat and Cool Your Home

Did you know heat pumps are just as effective at cooling your home as it is at heating it? These units can pull warm air from outside then extract the energy from it. They then use that energy to cool down your home and extract warm air from inside your home and move it outside.
Improve Air Quality
Just like traditional A/C units, heat pumps can also improve indoor air quality (IAQ) by filtering the air before it enters the house. IAQ accessories can remove smoke, allergens, and debris before they enter your home, helping you to breathe easier.
A Heat Pump Will Perform at its Best in the Southern US
Heat pump benefits are often overlooked. They are typically designed for peak performance at temperatures above 30 degrees. Since Southern US temps rarely dip below 30 degrees; your unit will be at its peak performance the majority of the time it is running. Thinking about whether you should install an air conditioner or heat pump in your Southern US home? It is important to choose the kind of unit that is a best fit for the job. Although you might initially think an A/C unit is a perfect fit; a heat pump might do a better job at keeping your costs down and your home comfortable. It’s important to listen to the recommendations from the home comfort advisor from a reputable heating and air conditioning company. We have these dealers available for appointments on our dealer locator system. Let us help you find a professional near you.

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