Stay Cool This Summer

Stay Cool This Summer

Stay Cool This Summer

Tips for Keeping Your Cool During Summer

Keeping your cool during summer doesn’t have to mean sky-high electric bills.  Here we offer 7 tips to keep your home comfortably cool and your air conditioning bill affordable.
  • Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat, like Google Nest, has been proven to save an average of 15% on your energy bill. Using the latest technology, the smart thermostat learns how and when you use air conditioning in your home.  It then adjusts itself to be the most energy-efficient, saving you money.
  • Use Ceiling and Floor Fans to keep you cool

Ceiling and floor fans help circulate cool air.  This means you can increase your thermostat by several degrees and still keep your home just as cool.  Ceiling fans also use considerably fewer watts than a central air conditioner. Another energy bill saver.
  • Limit Sunlight Inside Your Home

This may seem obvious, but the more direct sunlight in your home the hotter it will become.  To reduce the sunlight, keep blinds closed, install insulated blinds, and consider planting shade trees.  
  • Don’t Use Heat Producing Appliances

Using your oven and running your dryer creates a lot of additional heat in your home.  During the summer months, switch to grilling outside and using a clothesline. Also, consider using your dishwasher at night.
  • Avoid Upper Floors

Heat rises.  Therefore, keeping the upper floors cool during the day will lead to higher energy bills.  Where possible, relocate home offices, living rooms, and play areas to lower levels.  By spending the majority of your daytime hours in the cooler lower floors, you can keep your thermostat set warmer and reduce your AC electric bill.
  • Add Attic Insulation to keep you cool

Having proper insulation in your attic stops the heat of your roof from passing into your home. It also helps to keep the air-conditioned air inside. When hot air stays out and cool air remains in, you maximize your AC efficiency and lower your energy bill. 
  • Schedule Regular Maintenance to remain cool

Scheduling an annual spring clean of your HVAC unit and regularly replacing your air filter is essential.  Regular maintenance keeps your air conditioning unit working efficiently, ultimately reducing electric bills. For more information and help on how you can keep your air conditioning unit working efficiently, contact your local HVAC professional. Contact us today.  

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