3 Deep Cleaning Tips to Lessen Allergy Flare-Ups

3 Deep Cleaning Tips to Lessen Allergy Flare-Ups

3 Deep Cleaning Tips to Lessen Allergy Flare-Ups

Over time, allergens collect all throughout an HVAC system, from the filters to the ducts. Keeping your unit clean of dust and debris will go a long way toward reducing your allergy flare-ups. Fortunately, you can take a number of small steps to help that will easily add up to increased health and comfort. These easy-to-implement cleaning tips from us here at AC Southeast® will make deep-cleaning your Georgia home a breeze.

Start With the HVAC Unit

You want to clean your HVAC unit thoroughly to eliminate any potential mold or mildew. Moreover, a unit with too much dust buildup inside will lead to damage over time and could be responsible for spewing allergens throughout your home. At the very least, maintaining a clean unit can help lower utility payments, which is an especially attractive option as energy bills continue to soar.

Clean the Carpets

Allergens love to cling to your carpets, so if you are serious about deep-cleaning your home, invest time here. A once- or twice-annual total steam clean can help keep the dust at bay and keep your home smelling fresh.

Don't Forget Blinds and Ceiling Fans

Just like the carpets, blinds and ceiling fans tend to collect a lot of dust and debris. When sweeping your home for allergens, always check these areas and clean them thoroughly. If possible, dry clean your blinds. Use a step-ladder to reach every nook and cranny in the ceiling fan.

Learn More With AC Southeast®

It can be easy to pinpoint the source of dust and other allergens in the air. Developing a plan to reduce allergens and decrease overall flare-ups can be more difficult. More often than not, it starts with the HVAC system. For this reason, have a trained technician out to clean and service your unit. To have your AC unit professionally cleaned to improve your home's indoor air quality, contact one of our representatives at AC Southeast® for a proper deep cleaning.

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