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About Bryant®

Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems started with Charles Bryant more than a century ago. Charles Bryant, originally from Cleveland, Ohio, opened a small business in 1904 named the National Gas Regulator Company. In the beginning, Charles Bryant’s company produced exclusively gas-powered water heaters, and his work quickly gained a reputation for immaculate quality. After developing this esteemed reputation, Charles Bryant renamed his business Bryant Heating and Manufacturing.

Accelerated Growth

By the 1930s, Charles Bryant’s company had become a leading manufacturer of gas boilers. A few years later, Bryant branched into gas air conditioning. In 1937, he introduced the Dualator, a ground-breaking heating and cooling unit. Bryant’s company continued to thrive, even during the Depression era as other businesses failed.

As the years went by, the company was bought and sold several times, before remaining with the current owner, United Technologies Corporation. Even with the recurring change of ownership, Bryant Heating & Cooling continued to grow. During this growth, the company produced several popular models, which allowed the company to continue to prosper and to grow..

Continuing Innovations

Even though the company switched between owners, the company Charles Bryant created continues to evolve ahead of the heating and cooling industry. In 1981, Bryant Heating & Cooling introduced one of the first 90% efficient gas furnaces utilizing variable-speed operation. The next advancement was the Dual Pack, the first outdoor gas heating and electric cooling unit.

Even before the government started the gradual phase-out of ozone-depleting refrigerants, Bryant® introduced Puron® to the nation in 1996. Bryant Heating & Cooling takes their patented Puron® refrigerant to the next level by using it with the first packaged air conditioners/heat pumps and two-speed condensing units.

Bryant Heating & Air Conditioning Products

With over 100 years of heating and cooling innovations, Bryant Heating & Cooling continues to look toward the future. Bryant’s motto of “Whatever It Takes” is carried out in every aspect of the heating and cooling industry. Products, service and training all strive toward delivering the best products and meeting the customers’ needs above all else.

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