Is your HVAC System working at Optimal Efficiency?

Is your HVAC System working at Optimal Efficiency?

Is your HVAC System working at Optimal Efficiency?

Make Sure Your HVAC System Is Working At Optimal Efficiency

Heating and cooling your home makes up over half of your energy bill costs.  Therefore, an HVAC system that isn’t running at its optimal efficiency could be losing you dollars.  Regularly making sure your HVAC system is working at optimal efficiency will reduce your energy bills and locate problems.  Here are some ways to make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently. Check The Air Filter Regularly Air filters become clogged with dust over time.  When this happens, your heating and cooling system stop working at its optimal efficiency.  Locate your air filter, turn off the system, and inspect.  If the filter looks dirty, replace it.  Then set a reminder on your phone to check monthly.   Inspect the Outdoor Unit For your air conditioning unit to run at its optimal efficiency, it needs to be free from debris.  Inspect your outdoor unit.  Remove any tree limbs or leaves that might be blocking the vents.  If you notice excessive dirt, you can gently hose off the unit.

Ways to Make Your HVAC System More Efficient

Program Your Thermostat Heating and cooling your home only when it is occupied can help optimize your HVAC efficiency. Programming your thermostat to the desired temperature at different times of the day can also reduce costs by as much as 15%.  If you really want to improve your HVAC efficiency, try programming your thermostat to 1° higher in summer and 1° lower in winter. A small adjustment can really improve your HVAC efficiency. Get Your Ductwork Inspected Leaky ductwork could be affecting the efficiency of your HVAC system.  Rising energy bills and dust around your vents could be a sign your vents aren’t adequately sealed. If your ductwork is faulty, you aren’t heating and cooling your home efficiently. If you suspect leaky ductwork, have an HVAC technician inspect and make any necessary repairs.

Efficient HVAC System Maintenance

Schedule Regular Maintenance HVAC systems should have a certified check-up in the Spring and Fall. Regular maintenance checks can identify small problems before they become bigger issues.  A professional technician can also ensure your system is running at its optimal efficiency, saving you money in the long run.  If you are looking for additional ways to make sure that your HVAC system is working at optimal efficiency, then consider a home energy audit. A home energy audit by a licensed technician helps you find out how much energy you use and determine your home’s efficiency.  AC Southeast® can help you locate an HVAC professional in your area today. Contact us now.   

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