Heat Pumps: Maintenance You Can Do and What You Should Leave for a Professional

Heat Pumps: Maintenance You Can Do and What You Should Leave for a Professional

Heat Pumps: Maintenance You Can Do and What You Should Leave for a Professional

Heat pumps are an economical, practical alternative to standard heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Heat pumps function as a single unit, providing heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer by reversing refrigerant flow. They are ideal for climates in the Southeastern U.S. Just like regular HVAC units, heat pumps require seasonal maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Some maintenance can be done by homeowners. However, other maintenance is better left to professionals.

Elements of a Tune-Up

Heat pump maintenance examines each component of the system:

  • Calibrate thermostat.
  • Lubricate fans and other moving parts.
  • Check refrigerant levels.
  • Inspect electrical connections, amperage and wiring.
  • Inspect and clean coils and blowers.
  • Inspect ducts for leakage, holes or poor connections.
  • Inspect outdoor unit.
  • Inspect condensate system.
  • Verify operation of reversal valve.
  • Clean or replace filters as needed.
  • Measure airflow.

Regular maintenance lowers the incidence of breakdowns, prolongs the life of the unit and reduces energy usage. Well-maintained heat pumps use between 10% and 25% less energy than poorly maintained ones.

Homeowner Maintenance Tasks

Maintaining the HVAC filter according to the manufacturer's recommendations saves energy and boosts efficiency. Filters keep airborne particulates from entering ducts. When filters get dirty, particulates enter the system, coat coils and eventually enter the living space. Clean filters can lower energy usage by as much as 15%.

Trim vegetation around the outdoor unit and keep the housing clean. Brush off leaves, grass trimmings and dust from the housing. Plant vegetation at least 2 to 3 feet from the unit to ensure adequate airflow around the coils. Leave a path for easy access for maintenance and repairs.

Other maintenance tasks are best left to the professionals. They have the training, expertise and tools to evaluate the condition of your heat pump system.

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