Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air?

Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air?

Why Is My AC Blowing Warm Air?

Florida, Georgia and Alabama are all on the top 10 list of hottest U.S. states. With that said, if you live in any of these states and your AC starts blowing warm air, you're definitely going to want to get it fixed immediately.

A Refrigerant Leak Can Cause Warm Air

It's important to realize that your air conditioner takes in warm air and then cools it using the refrigeration process. Therefore, if something goes wrong with the refrigerant level, the air that comes out of your AC may not be cold. This usually happens due to a leak, which causes your evaporator coil to freeze up and stop working properly. The only safe way to remedy this issue is by having a professional fix your refrigerant leak.

Your Condensate Line May be Plugged

The drain line will always be wet as it removed humidity from your home, which can cause issues with algae or mold forming. Once enough of this happens, your line can become clogged. In turn, this will obstruct your AC's ability to get rid of humidity from the air. This will cause your AC to blow out warm air instead of cold. The only way to fix this problem is through unclogging your condensate line.

Your Condenser May be Dirty or Blocked

Another common problem that can happen to your air conditioning unit is the condenser coils becoming too dirty to work properly, or if it is blocked from the appropriate amount of air circulation. Remember that your condenser will always need two feet of free space surrounding it on all sides. Be sure to check your AC unit occasionally and remove any blockages such as general debris, dirt, or overgrown landscape plants. Failure to have clean coils or proper air circulation could cause your condenser to stop working. AC Southeast has a proven record of helping repair air conditioners throughout Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Visit our website to learn more about this issue and to find your closest AC repair man!

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