Tips for Improving Your Cooling Costs This Summer

Tips for Improving Your Cooling Costs This Summer

Tips for Improving Your Cooling Costs This Summer

Energy bills often soar during the summer in the Southeastern United States as residents cope with high temperatures and humidity. There are ways to stay comfortable without breaking the bank. Your local heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor can help. AC Southeast's certified technicians are trained to help customers find ways to reduce energy usage, save on utility bills and not overtax their HVAC equipment. Here are some simple tips to help keep energy costs low.

Maintain Equipment

Keeping your system in good working order with seasonal HVAC maintenance can lower energy bills, keep equipment working efficiently and prolong the life of the unit. According to the Department of Energy, keeping HVAC filters clean reduces energy consumption by up to 15%. During seasonal tune-ups, service technicians examine each part of the system, including coils, refrigerant, the condensate system, thermostats and airflow. Cleaning coils ensures proper transfer of heat, a key component in HVAC efficiency.

Check Weatherization Levels

No matter how efficient your HVAC system may be, not having enough insulation in walls and ceilings will affect performance. Check the condition and amount of insulation in your home or office. Upgrade to recommended R-values for your area to improve indoor comfort and reduce strain on your heating and cooling equipment.

Sealing cracks and holes in the building shell and weather-stripping around doors and windows are weatherization tasks that homeowners can perform.

Upgrade to More Energy-Efficient Equipment

If your air conditioner is not providing the performance you expect, call one of the expert contractors at AC Southeast. Our NATE-certified contractors will evaluate your equipment and recommend ways to boost efficiency. We consider your indoor comfort needs, budget and lifestyle. We may recommend energy-saving strategies, such as sealing ducts, that improve efficiency.

We offer ductless mini-split heat pumps and air conditioning systems that cool individual rooms and zones within a house. These units are great for add-ons, outbuildings or rooms that are difficult to connect to an existing duct system. We also install, repair and maintain the most technologically advanced equipment available today, including multi-stage compressors, geothermal heat pumps and whole-home ventilation systems.

To find ways to cut cooling costs and improve indoor comfort, look for a local contractor in your area. We serve the five-state area of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina. Whether you need seasonal maintenance, a new system or emergency services, the licensed professionals at AC Southeast do it all.

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