What To Know About Media Filters and Air Purifiers

What To Know About Media Filters and Air Purifiers

What To Know About Media Filters and Air Purifiers

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air. Cooking odors, cigarette smoke and volatile organic compounds found in common household products contribute to poor indoor air quality. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor can help. Specialized equipment, such as high-quality media filters and air purifiers, work with your HVAC system to enhance ventilation and keep air clean.

Upgrading Media Filters

Standard filters on an HVAC system are designed to keep large airborne particles from entering the system and harming components. Upgrading to better quality filters captures smaller particulates, such as dust, pollen and bacteria. Ask your contractor about MERV filters, which are rated 1 through 16. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. The higher the MERV number, the better the filtration.

Your HVAC contractor can help you select a MERV value appropriate for your system. Higher filtration values usually correlate with a pressure drop, which can affect the efficiency of your system. Major manufacturers, including Carrier and Bryant, make high-quality filtration systems that work with their products.

Air Purifiers

The EPA notes that both portable air purifiers and those that work with your HVAC system can improve indoor air quality by removing airborne particulates and gases. Ultraviolet lights installed in the ductwork of your unit are effective in killing mold, bacteria and other organisms. Whole-home ventilators improve indoor air by bringing in fresh outdoor air and expelling stale indoor air.

Coil sanitizing UV lights are installed near the evaporator coils in the air handler. These UV lights neutralize organisms that can settle on coils and affect performance. They are usually activated 24/7. Air sanitizing UV lights are installed near the return air vent in ductwork. These lights activate when the system is running to neutralize germs as air passes through the ducts, preventing them from entering the living space.

How the Professionals at AC Southeast Can Help

The certified, licensed contractors who work as part of the AC Southeast network are trained in all aspects of indoor comfort, including regulating temperature, controlling humidity and improving air quality. Many have NATE certification in core competencies and specialties, including solving indoor air quality and ventilation problems in homes and offices. Our experienced contractors can recommend ways to upgrade filtration on your heating and cooling equipment and use air purifiers to remove airborne contaminants.

For more information about improving the indoor air quality in your home or business, contact one of our dealers close to you today. We serve communities in the five-state area of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina. Enter your Zip code in the box on our website to find a licensed contractor near you.

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