Is a Heating Repair in Your Future?

Is a Heating Repair in Your Future?

Is a Heating Repair in Your Future?

You want to be snug and cozy during the cool winters in the Southeastern U.S. When temperatures plummet and your heating system cannot keep up, it may use more energy to run or stop working all together. A poorly functioning heating system not only creates an uncomfortable indoor environment. It can emit carbon monoxide gas, which can cause health problems or be deadly. If you have a heating problem, call a trusted heating, ventilation and air conditioning contractor immediately.

Signs of Heating System Malfunction

There are several symptoms of a heating system malfunction:

  • Cold air blown from ducts.
  • Unusual sounds.
  • Frequent cycling.
  • Condensation on windows.
  • Increased fuel bills.
  • Need for frequent changes to thermostat settings to keep areas warm.
  • Uneven heating within a room or between rooms.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, there are a few things to check before calling for repairs. Verify that the electrical connections are working. Inspect the furnace filter. Dirty filters are a primary cause of HVAC malfunction. Replace the thermostat battery, if it uses a battery, and verify settings. Ensure duct grilles are not blocked.

When To Call for Repair

If your system does not work after checking these functions, call a reliable HVAC contractor for repair. Several problems cause short cycling, including a dirty filter, cracked heat exchanger, clogged flue, defective fan sensor or a dirty flame sensor. Dangerous gases can build up when heat exchangers, flame sensors or flues are damaged or malfunctioning. If your system short cycles, contact a qualified HVAC repair company to investigate the problem.

Dirty filters allow airborne pollutants to enter ducts and your home. Pollen, dust, animal dander and biological pathogens can aggravate allergies or cause respiratory problems. Higher than normal fuel bills are a sign that your heating system is not performing properly. Keeping your heating system in good condition with seasonal tune-ups is a simple, cost-effect way to reduce the need for repairs.

Call the Experts for Heating Repairs

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