Improving Heat Pump Energy Efficiency

Improving Heat Pump Energy Efficiency

Improving Heat Pump Energy Efficiency

Cutting-edge heat pumps give homeowners in the Southeast a cost-effective way to ensure year-round indoor comfort. However, they can increase your energy bills just like conventional air conditioners and furnaces. The good news is that you can make your heating and cooling system more efficient by using the following tips.

Replace Air Filters

An old air filter will prevent your heat pump from running efficiently by restricting airflow. As the filter collects dirt and other particles over time, it will cause the heating and cooling system to run longer than it should. Fortunately, replacing the air filter every three months can boost the energy efficiency of your system by up to 15%. The MERV rating of the new filter should be higher than eight.

Address Ductwork Problems

Damaged ductwork can also contribute to inefficient operation. Due to poor connections or leaks in the ductwork, the heating and cooling system will have to work harder to maintain your desired indoor temperature. The energy loss can be as high as 45%, so a ductwork inspection is worth scheduling. Finding and fixing holes in your ducts will help your system function more efficiently.

Take Care of the Unit

Regular heat pump maintenance is the key to maximizing your system's efficiency. If you neglect the unit, it will develop serious problems and consume a greater amount of energy. A refrigerant leak is a common issue that can lead to inefficient heating and cooling cycles. The most effective solution is a thorough tune-up that will resolve present malfunctions and prevent recurring issues. If you optimize your system twice a year, it will remain efficient for a long time. It's best to perform heat pump maintenance in the fall and spring.

Lastly, you can keep your system running at peak efficiency by getting prompt solutions from reputable heating and cooling experts. Search on this website for a contractor you can trust to improve the energy efficiency of your system.

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