What Is Causing Your AC to Blow Warm Air

What Is Causing Your AC to Blow Warm Air

What Is Causing Your AC to Blow Warm Air

Hot and humid summers are the norm in the Southeastern U.S. By now, most homeowners have turned on the air conditioning and are enjoying cool indoor air. Other homeowners have turned on the AC only to find that the unit is blowing warm not cool air. Here's what might be causing the problem.

Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant extracts heat and humidity from inside air and moves it outside. But with a refrigerant leak, the air conditioner cannot do its job. Some leaks can be detected and sealed, but others cannot. Refrigerant leaks can cause air conditioners to hiss or to make bubbling noises. They can cause icy buildup to collect on the outside unit. Smoke coming from the air conditioner usually means that the compressor motor is overheating. Serious damage can result.

Obstructed Condensate Line

Drain line blockages can cause your system to blow hot air. Fortunately, it's an easy fix. Your service technician can easily clean out whatever is blocking the drain line, but don't wait to get it done. If ignored, a condensate line obstruction can cause leaks and water damage on ceilings and walls. Additionally, it can cause structural damage in your home, fires, mold and warped wood floors.

Clogged Air Filter

Without regular replacement, air filters get coated with dust, grit and dirt. A clogged filter blocks airflow. It overtaxes the cooling system and can make an air conditioner blow hot air. Dirty filters upset the balance of cool and warm air in the ductwork, and grimy filters interfere with thermostat performance The evaporator coils can freeze, and that causes the unit to blow warm air instead of cold.

Regular HVAC maintenance from one of the dealers you’ll find on this website can prevent all of these problems and more. Find your local contractor now and call us to schedule a tune-up, and give your system what it needs for optimal performance.

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